As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Eating Disorder Certified (in process), NASM Certified personal trainer and a Health At Every Size practitioner. I offer in-person and online counseling services in the following areas:

 Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

Overview of Services:

I work with teens and adults of various backgrounds to address the following food and exercise-related issues and disorders:

  • Eating disorders (e.g. binge eating,  anorexia, EDNOS,  bulimia, night eating);
  • Disordered eating;
  • Chronic dieting (e.g. calorie counting, macro counting "IIFYM")
  • Orthorexia (fixation on “healthy” foods); and
  • Compulsive exercising/exercise addiction.

 My relationship with food and exercise: Is it time for a change?

From infomercials touting the latest “super diet” product to Cross-Fit to celebrity Instagram posts, our culture’s obsession with food, exercise, and body image is everywhere.  With so much emphasis on “health” and so much pressure to be “fit,” it is no wonder that over 30 million men and women struggle with some form of disordered eating or eating disorders.  Moreover, countless more view food and exercise not as something positive and beneficial, but as a constant source of stress, anxiety, and guilt.

Issues with food and exercise (movement) take many forms.  They can range from something as severe as a person who purges or uses laxatives to lose weight to something as mild as a person who feels anxiety when she eats a cookie, has an extra glass of wine, or skips a trip to the gym.  While the level and nature of counseling intervention will certainly vary depending on the circumstances, the assistance of an outside counsel can be helpful whenever your relationship with food and exercise has become unbalanced or unhealthy. 

We are all constantly striving to improve, and part of life is trying to strike the right balance that brings us joy.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether you have lost your balance when it comes to your relationship with food and movement. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether issues with food, movement, or body image are causing you to feel anxiety, stress, or sadness, or whether they are interfering with your other day-to-day relationships or activities.  Some more specific questions you might ask yourself include:

Are you constantly on a new diet? 

Do you feel like you have to count your calories or track your macro nutrients every day?

Do you only eat your own prepared food in fear of not knowing how others prepared it?

Do you feel guilty when you break a diet?

Do you compare yourself to other women?

Does the thought of working out give you anxiety? 

Do you feel like you have to sweat in order to get a “good” workout?

Do you categorize food as “good” or “bad?”

Do you obsess over your weight?

Do you find yourself avoiding social events?

Are you just sick and tired of focusing on food all the time?!

Working Together to Find Solutions.

If you answered, “yes” to any of the questions above, counseling may be a beneficial option for you.  I focus on body respect, intuitive eating, and joyful movement.  Counseling is focused on YOU.  The goal of our counseling sessions is to help you reclaim your relationship with food and exercise.  We will work together to help you better understand and redefine your relationship food, movement and your body.  This process may involve identifying sources or triggers that brought you to this point in your life.  It may involve developing and working on coping skills and new practices/routines to help you rid yourself of fear and negativity, and start to listen to and trust your body.  Counseling is case-by-case and client-focused.  We will focus on you and what is best and most comfortable for you.  After all, you are the expert of your mind thoughts and feelings!

If you are ready to put a stop to the endless cycle of dieting, stop obsessing over food, stop compulsive exercise, and take your life back by regaining balance, you are in the right place.

Beyond Food & Fitness

Life can be stressful.  Individuals and families face a host of challenging situations, which can lead often lead to strained or damaged relationships, unhealthy behaviors, poor decisions, and emotional/mental issues.  For over a decade, I have worked with children, adolescents and their families in the school counseling setting.   In addition to specializing in assisting with food, exercise and body image issues, I also offer assistance to clients in the following areas:

  • Life Transitions (pregnancy, postpartum, career, marriage)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Parental support
  • Children and adolescents (anxiety, social skills, assertiveness, self-esteem, etc.)

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