Hello, my name is Christine Yoshida. I am private practice professional counselor, as well a school counselor. I specialize in helping clients who are struggling with disordered eating (chronic/yo-yo dieting), eating disorders, over exercising, and body image issues. All practices come from a Body Respect, Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size perspective.

As mentioned above, my professional life is split between school counseling (in the Vancouver School District) and private practice counseling.   Away from work, I live in north Portland, Oregon with my husband and two young children, Lucy and Matthew. 

I assist a diverse group of clients in a variety of areas.  As a school counselor with over a decade of experience, I have helped many children, adolescents and families confront challenges ranging from improving basic social/friendship-making skills, goal setting, anger management, mindfulness, impulse control and anxiety to divorce.  However, the primary focus of my private practice involves assisting clients struggling with body insecurity, unhealthy relationships with food, eating disorders, disordered eating (chronic dieting) and over-exercising.  My passion for helping clients deal with these types of issues stems from the fact that I, like countless others, have struggled through periods of imbalance with respect to my relationship with food and exercise.   As a result, I have both personal insight and professional expertise in this area.

Finding balance is not always easy, but it is achievable.  In most cases, it takes time, hard work and self-reflection. 

Based on both my personal and professional experience, I know there is a way to live without obsessing over every bite you take, without constantly checking the mirror or scale, and without allowing an exercise to become a compulsion that negatively impacts important areas of your life.   In other words, there is a path to balance, freedom, and happiness. 

If you are reading this, it likely means you are at a crossroads.  Today may be your time to explore a new path forward. 

If you are interested in exploring that new direction, I would love the opportunity to meet with you, hear your story, and determine if I can help.

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I am supervised by Stacie Crochet, LCSW: https://staciecrochet.com